Journal “La Croix” – 24/12/2014

A polyphonic commitment for Brazilians from the Amazon …

France Bleu Périgord – 06/08/2014

It’s a crazy bet that enlightened organ enthusiasts have just taken on, supported by the priest of the diocese of Bergerac: building an organ in the cathedral of Guajara Merim in the heart of the Amazon in Brazil, very close to the border Bolivian.
The organ case was built to plan there, by young craftsmen …

radio france bleu périgord

Le Dauphiné libéré - 13/07/2014

It is with always as much pleasure that regulars, connoisseurs or simple amateurs or passing tourists gathered in large numbers to attend this Sunday, July 13 in the Grignan collegiate church the first summer recital of 2014 organized by the Grignan Organ Committee . It was Uriel Valadeau, known by some to have come to Grignan twice already …


Gujan Mestras blog Sud-Ouest – 01/09/2012

This entertainment is alternating readings and musical interludes improvised trumpet by Eric Van de Zande-Lucas and organ by Uriel Valadeau. Both are medalists Regional National Conservatory of Bordeaux, where Uriel Valadeau won a gold medal with honors unanimously by the jury …


Journal “Sud-Ouest” - 21/07/2012

Uriel Valadeau is one of the many musicians who participate this year in the Saturday of the organ. Portrait. Since its birth in 1980 in Gironde, Uriel Valadeau has always grown with the devouring passion for music, a “universal language” as he likes to repeat. But the musician cherishes above all organ, instrument with which he excels: gold medalist at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux, he was then rewarded twice by four stars and so many forks in […]


Journal “Sud-Ouest” – 26/08/2011

The organist Uriel Valadeau will have the honor to close the festivities. But Bergerac musician will find familiar ground in front of the keyboard of the organ in the cathedral. It was indeed present at the inauguration in May 2005, before giving a concert there in August 2008 …


Orgues – source Sud Ouest - 18/10/2010